Mombasa nightlife

Mombasa Nightlife

Like any other city in the world, Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya, full of life, and full of nature, and adventures, who wouldn’t want to visit or even live in Mombasa? My journey starts on a Thursday morning expressway train at syokimau ,as we say it sherehe haitaki hasira,I live in Nairobi with two of my friends .unplanned and nothing to worry about. At syokimau terminus we get a few “one for the road “ and to keep us motivated and nani Hataki kuskia fiti juu hii maisha nikuskia fiti na kusonga .we departed from syokimau at 8:00 am, excited and thinking of how it’s gonna be . the stories you hear to a reality.ukikumbuka Amina ,fatuma na aisha wanakungonja mwili inaisha nguvu. We all couldn’t hide our joy Vijana wa bara kwenye bahari .maisha London. the journey was long the talks were long all about who we all prefer .one guy thinks haga zimejaa Mombasa the other thinks all the light skin ladies wa coast watamtamani. We got at our residence at around 2:30

As we all hear ,Mombasa kuingia rahisi kutoka matanga.we wouldn’t want to stay indoors so at around 7 we left the residence and this is where life in Mombasa starts.a busy town and you would think that’s when everyone has woken up super active .all over dala dala makongeni ukundu muembe tayari all we wanted was somewhere to chill feel the breeze and live life , we went to a local bar and restaurant where we would drink .tukunywe tukunywe hadi tubebwe

On the far end seated 4 ladies who showed interest and kama kawa mistari lazima. Ukitaka kupewa lazima ukuwe polite ama utalala ukinyonga wengine wakikula lady stands just to show what she had on her “aaaah huyu dem ana mkundu wa ajabu” one guy chuckled,

Drinks went on and as time passed by we were all seated at the same table with the ladies, it was at this time we all knew lazima kila mtu alalie mayai
We came to an agreement to continue the drinks at our residence, but they seemed to be reluctant and wanted us to give them assurance of safety but since we are not locals they couldn’t agree on that. we all wanted to get laid. we couldn’t keep them waiting so we let them go .bahati tu Rahma the boss lady came through from the counter the supervisor of the local bar. She told us to just get an online site if we wanted the hookups @ yakawa mepesi kama pamba .

Utamu ndani ya roho .waschana wamesimama kuliko post ya stima and we were content all our stays we got our Kezia and she was riding as she stole it.the tale continues is the site to visit


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    I would like to see ladies here bea